We are Protestant Christian church placed at Sendai, Miyagi in Japan.  In 1989, our church was founded at western Sendai city.   Fortunately, we did not have much damages caused by East Japan Earthquake happened at 11st, March, 2011.  Many Christian foundations have gave us sincere supports soon after the quake.   With their supports, we started relief activities in many place such as Ishinomaki, Rikuzentakata and Kesennuma.

From May of 2011, we have focused in Ishinomaki, and continued support activities twice a month.    Our current activities are mainly held at several temporary houses, for example, cafe time, handy craft or stencil class, music concert, offering food like sugar snacks, ice candy(summer only) and noodles, Christmas festival, bingo game, providing daily commodities and visiting individual houses.

We are given much assistance from these foundations:

Adding to these foundations, many persons and foundations around the world have sent relief funds to our account.  Our activities have been operated by these funds.   Also volunteers from worldwide had engaged in relief work in tsunami devastated area, staying at our church building and our newly built support base.

Currently we do not make a term, and will continue activities as long as we can.   From year 2013, we will start a church planting at eastern Ishinomaki, Watanoha district.

We appreciate your concern and prayer for our activities!

General information of us

NameReligious Corporation Sendai Evangelical Free Church
Address5-3-8 Kawadaira, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi  JAPAN 981-0954
Phone / Facsimile(022)277-1435 / (022)277-1465
DirectorKouzou Yoshida (Senior Pastor)
Date EstablishedOctober, 1989
Official Websitehttp://www.sendaiefc.com/en/