We continue support activities for temporary houses at Watanoha in Ishinomaki, and we need volunteers who can help our work.   We offer base camp for volunteer team.   If you hope to assist our work, please read guideline below, and send an application (by this form).

  1. Who can join?

    Our work has been done as Christian activities.  Christians, or Non-Christians who recognize Christian love of spirit can join our work.
  2. Work schedule

    Please check “Future schedule” on the right column.   It’s twice a month, and single day for each.  You need to re-check by e-mail or phone before applying.
  3. Workflow

    Rough schedule is this:  8:15a.m. gathering at church –> 8:45 departure –> 10:20 arrival and preparation –> 10:30 work start –> 14:30p.m. withdrawal –> 16:00 arrival to church.
  4. Fee and expense

    You don’t need accommodation fee.   But please bear transport fee to our church.
  5. Accommodation

    We built-up new base camp at May, 2012.   It has 76.5 square yards.  We can also provide education house.   Both are able to accept 30 persons in total, have bath, toilet and kitchen.   All rooms are fully air-conditioned.  You can see the photos of base camp.
  6. Language availability

    The staffs of our church basically speak English a little.