Collection of Supplies

10th of Jan., 2013 updated

We have continued kinds of support activities for sufferers live at temporary houses in Ishinomaki, about 40 miles far from Sendai.   Currently we scale down providing relief supplies.   We now shift to use them to make a chance having a communication with sufferers.   These items below are what we need.


  • instant cup noodles
  • instant coffee
  • retort-pouch foods
  • detergent (for general purpose, kitchen and cleanser)
  • winter cloths
    • brand new, or equivalent
    • L size or LL size
    • either men’s or women’s
  • men’s underwear
    • brand new only
    • L size or LL size
  • socks
    • brand new only
    • either men’s or women’s

Check list before dispatch

  1. If you have any question whether you can send it or not, please give an inquiry using this form before dispatch.
  2. We are very sorry we will not be able to send a letter of thanks when we receive each of your supplies.


Sendai Evangelical Free Church

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Miyagi JAPAN 981-0954
phone: 022-277-1435