Financial Report

We thankfully show our great appreciation for your every effort for suffered people of East Japan Earthquake happened at 11st March, 2011.   Here we made an annual financial report of our ministry started just after the earthquake.   It covers from March, 2011 to the end of March, 2012 (Japanese fiscal year start in April and end in March).  As you know, the suffered people still have great needs for the recovering economically and spiritually.  So we sincerely beg your continuous prayer and support for them.

Year 2011 Annual Financial Report

From March, 2011 to March, 2012

*currency = Japanese Yen

1. Revenue

ADonations from churches and individuals directly to Sendai Evangelical Free Church12,548,085
(breakdown)  Usage not specified11,362,274
  For support activities450,000
  For support house construction735,811
BDonations through the board of Evangelical Free Church of Japan12,000,000
CDonations from Sendai EFC members for the land for the support center2,382,000

2. Expenditure

For support activities3,360,520
For the equipments for support activities 403,050
For the repair of church members’ houses 1,950,000
For the repair of church’s training house 790,000
For the land of support center 9,381,652
For the construction of support center (*see the table below) 4,206,965
Offerings outside the church 300,000
 Total 20,392,187

(* breakdown)

Construction fee4,000,000
Additional engineering fee151,720
Commissions for governmental procedure55,245

3. Balance

Revenue Total 26,930,085
Expenditure Total 20,392,187
Balance 6,537,898

August, 2012

Religious Corporation Sendai Evangelical Free Church

Director Kouzou YOSHIDA