Church’s damage


The information below is made at 15th in March, 2011. Sendai Church has now been repaired complteley. Pastor Kadotani moved to Furukawa church, a daughter church of SEFC, from April of 2012.

We are so grateful for many who have shown concern and support, and who have prayed for us. We appreciate that many people have asked about our situation more than we expected. Now we offer the following information regarding what we are facing:

First, we can now confirm that more than 95% of our church members are safe. Presently none of our church members were seriously physically injured. However there are some whose parents and relatives have not been able to communicate with them yet.

The church building withstood most of the serious quake shocks, so damage is minimal. Some items fell down, and a few dishes broke. Since quite awhile ago we had thought that our building was strong because it stands on solid ground which had been leveled from a hill. The foundation of the church building has some little cracks which need to be repaired.

As of Tuesday, March 15 in lifeline the only utility which was restored is the electricity. Some have reported that water supply has been restored to a nearby neighborhood a few blocks from us, but not yet to us, so we are uncertain about that point. The gas services announced that it might still be a month before gas can be reconnected. The most pressing problem now is the shortage of gasoline, with almost no service stations open. In those few places where gasoline is available the line-up of cars waiting may stretch for more than 500 to 1000 m, and then only a 10 liter maximum purchase is allowed so that supply is very limited.

Shelves in the food stores are almost empty. In those stores which are open for business the customers must queue for several hours. Each is given 3 minutes in which to choose a maximum of 10 items. Each day we face uncertainty about our next shopping. We save food at home to eat little by little. If this situation continues a week, or possibly 2 weeks, we certainly will be in a very critical condition.

Above reports about our present situation.

Nobuaki Kadotani

Associate Pastor(then)

Sendai Evangelical Free Church