2013.1.10 56th Relief Work Report

Place of Activity: Temporary housing unit in Northern Watanoha unit #3 (12 households) and Tarumi unit (24 households) in Ishinomaki district
Number of Volunteers: 9
Content of Activity: 1) Visiting individual households in the temporary housings and distributing relief supplies 2) Organizing a recreational meeting (craft workshop, worship and testimonies, games, desserts, distribution of supplies)

This was the first relief work this year.  When we got to the temporary housing in Watanami, its residents were already waiting at the meeting room for us to start the program. There were 7 participants including 3 men, and they all seemed to have enjoyed the craft workshop we prepared. We also had the opportunity to hear about their stories and experiences as earthquake victims. For the first time, we had one of our church members sing worship songs with Japanese traditional tune known as ‘enka’, and another shared her personal testimony. It was such a great time of experiencing God’s grace, mercy and His power.

We got to mingle with those who were unable to join our program when we visited their homes with gifts.  They told us about how a lot of their old friendships were disrupted and ruined after the earthquake. We also met an old man in his seventies, riding a bicycle to check up on his destroyed house every single day from the distant temporary housing he was allocated to live.

We don’t get many participants for our programs on weekdays, but it allows us to sit down with them and listen to them. What we can do is very limited, but we hope to continue this ministry to walk alongside with those who are still hurt and affected by the disaster.

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