2013.3.28 63rd Relief Work Report

Place of Activity: 60 households in Watanoha, Mangokuura, and Mitsuwa town
Number of Volunteers: 10 (8 from Sendai EF Church, 2 from Urawa EF Church)
Content of Activity: 1) Visiting individual homes in the area and distributing relief supplies

The area we visited today was where we will be planting our new church soon (we have already bought a piece of land in the area). After having a dedicated time of prayer, we got into 5 different groups to visit homes in the area. We were well received by the residents there: they said they rarely receive relief supplies.

A butcher in the area was running its business in a still damaged store. They deliver to schools and kindergartens, but the number of orders had dropped significantly since the earthquake, they said. The sign of water damage is still very visible in their house, where crystalized salt covers the Japanese floor mats (tatami). Due to the unavailability of carpenters, they have not been able to fix the house yet. Another family we met had their house completely washed away by the tsunami. They now live with their daughters and their families, who also lost their homes, on the second floor of what used to be a supermarket. We met a barber, who was reminiscing about the days when this area used to be the center of activities of Watanoha town.

On our way back to Sendai, we visited a charity market, Mt. Hiyori as well as Kadonowaki Elementary School. The school was burnt as a charcoal from the fire that followed after the earthquake and the tsunami 2 years ago. That day, children, faculties, and townspeople ran up the hill by this school to escape to Mt. Hiyori.

It takes courage to knock on strangers’ doors, but praise God, He guided us and helped us as we carried out our mission. We were able to visit 60 families in the area and told them about the church that will be planted there soon. We pray that this new church will bring light and hope to this town.

by Hiroko Takahashi
( translation: Ayano Iizumi)

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