2013.4.18/25 ’64/5th Relief Work Report’

2013.4.18 64th Relief Work Report
Place of Activity: Temporary housing in the east of Ishinomaki city
Number of Volunteers:  3
Content of Activity: 1) Helping out with the quilting workshop 2) Sharing personal testimonies with the workshop attendees

2013.4.25 65th Relief Work Report
Place of Activity: Temporary housing in northern Watanoha town #3 (11 households) and Tarumi town (24 households)
Number of Volunteers:  11 (9 from Sendai EF Church, 2 from Furukawa EF Church)
Content of Activity: 1) Hosting a painting workshop 2) Serving lunch and distributing relief supplies 3) leading a time of worship, sharing of personal testimonies and playing games
Content of a gift package: 1 piece of cup noodle, 2 tomatoes, 4 cups of uncooked rice, 1 bottle of kitchen detergent, 2 sports gel,  some gospel tracts, a letter from church, and a booklet containing sermons

We stopped by Mrs. H’s place before heading to temporary housings to deliver some gifts for her two newly married sons and their babies due in June. We received donations of used child car seats, baby chairs and buggies, so we took them with us along with infant underwears and milk bottles we purchased new. We are very thankful for those generous givers who responded to our calls for donations.

As we always do, we visited each unit in the temporary housing to deliver the gift packages we had prepared. We were very glad that people who received the packages loved the fresh tomatoes we included in them. There was also a dental check up service taking place in Taremizu temporary housing, so we were able distribute these packages to the patients and dentists there as well.

At the temporary housing in Ishinomaki town where we held the workshop, the same five people who joined us last time showed up again. We have been building a relationship with them slowly yet steadily by returning to visit them every few months, and we feel that they are becoming more and more welcoming and accepting of us as a result. We praise God for this great opportunity He has given us to meet and get to know these lovely people.

Hiroko Takahashi
(translation by Ayano Iizumi)

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