2013.5.9 A Report on Relief Work at Iwaida Temporary Housing Unit

Our team arrived at the site of today’s relief work on the beautiful spring afternoon. Cherry blossoms were blooming gorgeously around the temporary housing, where few of its residents were waiting for our arrival.

All together 9 people showed up to our event, where we enjoyed chatting and painting handmade postcards together. After lunch, we sang the hymn “Though Far You May Stray, Though You Circle the Earth” for the lyrics of this song was perfectly suitable to celebrate this special day: Mother’s Day. I also had the opportunity to share a short message on mother’s love, and I was grateful to see how attentive my listeners were.  We sent them home with some carnations and fresh tomatoes.

It was very disappointing and also heartbreaking that the two people we usually see when we are around in this area did not show up today because they have been hospitalized. We prayed for them that they will quickly recover from their illness and be healed completely. We were also able to visit individual households in the Iwaida area, as well as the craft workshop held at a missionary’s residence in Onagawa area.  We thank God for the fun time we were able to spend together with the participants.

The town of Mangokuura is rapidly changing with the shore protection works in progress; the area looks drastically different every time we visit. We hope to walk alongside with these people who have stood up in the midst of their hardships to rebuild this town. Please keep this town in your prayer for a safe and quick reconstruction. Praise God for His abundant blessings and unfailing love.

(Machiko Yoshida, translated by Ayano Iizumi)

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