2013.5.23 67th Relief Work Report

Place of Activity: 1) Watanoha North No.2 housing estate 2) Ishinomaki East temporary housing unit
Number of volunteers: 1) 10 people 2) 3 people
Content of Activity: 1) Painting workshop, lunch, distribution of relief supplies, worship and short message, lucky draw 2) Helping out with a quilting workshop
Content of the supply packages: cup noodle, tomato, kitchen detergent, sports gel, tracts, message booklet, church invitation

On a beautiful spring day filled with fresh air and sprouting greens, ten of us from our church headed over to Ishinomaki area to visit residents at temporary housings. We knocked on the door of each household in the unit with fresh tomatoes as a gift, inviting them to come out for the workshop and lunch with us. Ten of them showed up, and some worked on paintings, while some others enjoyed chatting. We spent such a pleasant, relaxing time together.

While we were delivering gifts to people, we came upon a man who was weeding a garden. He said he was doing it for his son’s family, who just moved into this temporary housing unit 3 days ago. This man used to live with them in his own house which was damaged by the tsunami. They have been working on repairing the house ever since, but repeated earthquakes slanted the house from its foundation, made it impossible for them to live there anymore. The son and his family were finally approved to move into the temporary housing, but this man and his wife were not. On top of that, he somehow was demanded to return the relief donation he received for fixing his house, when he was already struggling to find a job that will make his ends meet. We were in great shock when we heard his story. Our heart ached for him for all the hardships he has been going through for the past 2 years.

The Mother’s day is over, but we carried on the theme and shared a message on God’s love, which we believe often resembles the love of mothers. We gave carnations to each woman who were there with us today to celebrate their motherhood. (by Takahashi, translated by Ayano Iizumi)

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