2013.6.27 69th Relief Work Report

Place of Activity: a) Missionary Catherine Long’s residence b)Watanoha area
Number of Volunteers: a)2 b)12 (9 from Sendai Church, 1 from Keyaki Dori Church, 2 from Furukawa Church)

Content of Activity: a)Helping with preparation for the party at Ishinomaki East temporary housing b)Visiting each household to distribute relief supplies (sauce, noodle, tissue paper, powder juice, gospel tracts)

It was a beautiful morning. Before we head over to Watanoha area, we stopped by Ms. H’s place in Iwaida to give her some diapers and baby sling for her new born grandchild.  In Watanoha, we got into pairs and started visiting each housed in the area with relief supplies. Often times, people look at us suspiciously when they come to the door, and that makes us very nervous to be honest. We learned, however, that the expression on their faces usually changes when we greet them with smile and explain to them that we are doing a relief work. When we tell them that we are the ones who used to distribute relief supplies at Takayasu liquor store, they often respond with “oh I was there few times” and “That was very helpful when you did that”.  We met a man in his seventies, who shared with us an interesting story about his safety box which was dug out from the debris five days after the earthquake. When he found it, he realized that someone had destroyed it and stolen the cash inside of it. Visiting homes in disaster stricken areas could be nerve racking at times, but there are things we can learn only by visiting them. We would like to continue doing this, and we pray that God would empower us as we carry out this ministry.

We had a special opportunity today to visit the Onagawa area to hear a tour guide specialized in disaster stricken areas talk. This area had about 10,000 people prior to the incident, but 800 of them had passed away due to the disaster, and more than 200 are still missing today. This area was almost completely cleared out, and the construction to elevate the land was going on. The town is gradually but surely changing.  (Hiroko Takahashi)


*All texts translated by Ayano Iizumi

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