2013.9.12 74th Relief Work Report

Place of Activity: Northern Watanoha #2 housing complex (26 households)
Number of Volunteers: 8
Content of Activity: Painting workshop, a time of worship and a short message from the Bible, distribution of packaged relief supplies (canned fish, cup noodle, tissue box, sweet potatoes, gospel tracts)

The last time we visited this housing complex was in May, so we were glad to be able to come back again. We noticed that few things have changed around there since then, but they seemed like positive changes for the most part, including their attempt to revitalize the town with their local delicacy.

Only 5 people showed up for the workshop, but a small turnout is never a bad news for us, for it allows us to pour into each person. One of the ladies who joined us today heard about today’s gathering through a letter that was sent to her by one of our church members.

We learnt that however small or fruitless our effort may appear, we must continue to be faithful in little things and be good neighbors to those we are reaching out to. (Hiroko Takahashi)

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