30th March, 2011 , ‘A sequel to the Ishimaki relief mission & Teacher tsumura and Akasaka visiting Sendai’

We had a prayer meeting with the volunteers in this morning. It is very important moment in order to make this relief work on the basis of fellowship among the church members and be supported by prayer. Not only so, it is a significant time to get to know each other between the volunteering team who have been working from Monday to Friday and even on Sunday and the church members, through prayer in small groups of three.
From the afternoon, the volunteering team headed for Ishimaki Christ Church of brethren for cleaning mission, started yesterday.
The church was flooded which was 1.5m high, and took three days for the water to draw, which ruined most of the things in the church. On top of this, the church greatly has needed for manpower since the enormous amount of mud entered into the sanctuary. They flushed the mud and salt which covered the wall and floor of the church, using the high pressure washer brought from our church because the supply for water and electricity has recovered since yesterday. They came back late night, which seems to be a decisive game.
I (Kadotani) was staying back at our church since two of my former teacher from Japan Bible Seminary were supposed to drive to visit us. They were on their way back from their visitation to the coast area of Iwate for two days, guided by Pastor Kondo at Morioka Bible Baptist Church. I was so grateful for their visit all the way from faraway. I guided them to the disaster area around Sendai port. To my surprise, the whole four tires of a car have completely gone with their hubs which were still there at my last two visits. It could be a handiwork of a thief at a fire, anyway I thought I caught a glimpse of the reality of the disaster area which are getting worse, as it has been rumored. It is very regrettable that there is such a person whose interest is nothing other than on money even facing how terrible the disaster is. I am afraid that probably the invaluable household effects have been suffering with the similar cause. It should never happen that the bereaved those who come to search for their memorial things of their lost one’s have to go back with empty hands.

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