23rd of June, 2011 ‘Third distribution in Watanoha of Ishinomaki’

This is our third time distribution in Watanoha area, south east of Ishinomaki. Again the owner of T Sake shop openly permitted us to user his currently closed store as a distribution spot. It was expected heavy rain around distributing time, he also offer space inside the store for us. Fortunately the weather was nice during the distribution, so we could give thanks to our Lord. Also EFCA(Evangelical Free Church of America) missionary Andy and Lorna Guilbert and other American volunteers assisted our work. Andy has worked long in Kyushu, the south part of Japan, then moved to here Miyagi for relief mission in this June. So we had more than twenty persons. That’s very nice to build a relationship with local people.

Because of the gradually raised temperature, so many flies were breeding these days. People needs an insecticide, fans and other summer equipment.

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