21st of July, ‘The 3rd distribution in Kazuma of Ishinomaki’

The big typhoon had gone away from Tohoku and cool wind has been blown in Ishinomaki at this day.  Amazingly we have never had any rain for 15 times of distribution.  I think that’s truly God’s grace.

Although we planned to use parking lot of Gyukaku restaurant, that place became unavailable.   So we borrowed  another free space.  It was really good place.  An American guy named Tom Salmon joined us this day.  He is a member of EFCA, optometrist and really good at Japanese.  He said that he came to Japan to do something for devastated people.  Fortunately we brought blood pressure measuring machine, so he receive health consulting at the coffee corner.  He speak softly and warmly with local people using nice Japanese.  That’s was another great help for us.

Because it was summer vacation season, many children came to our place.  We gave them some toys and books.  They really enjoyed those stuffs.  I also met a lady who was asking us ‘Please come to our area!  It’s OK it will be even only one time!’.   When I heard this voice, I felt that if only there is one person who needs us, I want to continue this mission as long as possible.

On returning way we went to Koganehama, and delivered a fan and electric cleaner.

Also this was the last time of volunteer for our member Ise Kotaro.  He has assisted our distribution work very well, but he will move to Ibaraki because of entering employment.  We really thank him for his great job.   May God’s bless his life!

Text by Machiko Yoshida

# of volunteer: 15
# of receiver: 111

These photos below are meeting held in front of the church before departure.

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