27th of Oct., 2011 ‘Support activities for Iwaida temporary houses in Ohmori, Ishinomaki’

Number of visitors: 26
Volunteers: 11

We received a request from Mrs. H when we had a distribution on T Store, and went to Iwaida temporary houses (9 houses) and their neighbors.  Going across the Mangokubashi bridge and the road beside sea, those houses were located there on a hill.  People said that this was the very first distribution except for governor’s.  First we offer rice balls and teas for lunch because it was almost noon.  Although we brought so many winter cloths sent from a lot of places, they received almost all of them.

Andy and Lorna Gilbert lead a bingo game as usual, people enjoyed a relaxed time just as their child age.

A lady asked us “Are you Christians too?  There Christians repair the house”.  They were volunteers of Samaritan’s Purse.  I really appreciated that many Christians were used by the Lord in this place, then left Ishinomaki of fall season.

[ Machiko Yoshida ]

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