15th of Nov., ‘The LED lighted cross was set up on the roof’

A few months ago, I received a flier about a project that DRCnet(Disaster Relief Christian NETwork) will freely set up LED lighted cross for fifty churches in disaster area. Although our church is located in the midst of disaster area, but wasn’t damaged severely. So I felt that our church wasn’t appropriate to receive such a wonderful support. But decisively I applied to the project, surprisingly the application was accepted cheerfully.

Though it was very cold and windy at 15th of November, pastor Ha and other three brothers came from Kanto. They built up the cross quickly using some tools like electric driver and so on. All work was finished within two and a half hours. When the cross with a LED light turned on, I felt that it was like a light of Christ’s love illuminating the world, especially for the Tohoku area which was still under so much painful situation.

Until now, residents who live near our church sometimes said “Oh, there is a church around here?”, despite the fact we had continuously delivered many fliers to their house. Even some of the church members haven’t known the existence of the cross yet. But now there is a cross lighted by itself, so I hope many will see it and know indeed here is a church around them. We really appreciate for DRCnet’s kindness.

I also heard that this cross would be set up at Watari Bible Church, the newly born church in the midst of tsunami devastated area, Kurihara Bible Baptist Church and Ishinomaki House of Prayer, too. In order to boost up the publicity of these churches, I hope this project will be used more.

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