24th of Nov., ‘Support activities at First Watanoha Temporary Houses’

Number of houses: 89

Although it was very cold this day, meeting space was filled with many people and warm.  The leader of the houses asked beforehand to pack relief supplies into a bag for individuals.  It was first time being asked such an offer, but we could do the distribution smoothly than usual.  I want to appreciate for this idea.

We arranged winter cloths and set up a coffee corner.  Everyone enjoyed searching their favorite cloth, eating rice balls, so there was a very relaxed mood there.  At last, Andy Gilbert led the bingo game as usual and people enjoyed it.

Also three other sisters and brothers from Urawa Evangelical Free Church joined to our mission this time.  One sister of them testified about a lady.  Her card already became “one to bingo”, but the number(“24”) had not been called.  Finally she prayed “Ah! God of heaven!”, just the same time “24” was called!  The sister who was supporting her realized the reality of “Lord is alive”, and felt the solemn feeling with a joy.

Also pastor Kurihara of Furukawa Evangelical Free Church joined our ministry, and talked with people of the houses individually.  I want to give thanks to our Lord for the prayers and offerings from many EFCs, and the great assistance of Christian volunteer workers.

[text by Machiko Yoshida]

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One Response to 24th of Nov., ‘Support activities at First Watanoha Temporary Houses’

  1. Hide Sudoh says:

    It is a great blessing to read your report since we keep praying for your special mission everyday. We admire your strength, love, faith, hope and
    pacience as you continue to bring God’s love to those who need.
    May God bless you and guide you and keep you safe as you distribute the
    Christmas gifts to the people who need God’s love!

    With prayer and love,
    Hide and Satoru Sudoh

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