9th of Feb., 2012 ‘Iwaida Temporary Houses supporting activities’

Volunteers: 10 persons
Visitors: about 20 persons

It had been snowing from the previous night, and the snow became heavier when I entered into the Sanriku Highway(the way we used to use going to Ishinomaki from our church).  But when we reached at Matsushima, suddenly snow was stopped, and the road became dry condition.   Although we departed with some hesitation, God answered to our prayer.  Blessed be His name always!

After arriving and unloading the stuffs, sisters went to visit to each temporary houses under very cold wind.  This was our second visit to Iwaida.

A few minutes later, people living in the temporary houses and around them gradually came to the meeting space.  They enjoyed looking winter cloths, eating Oshiruko (a Japanese sweet soap made by the combination of Azuki beans and Omochi, sticky rice balls) and chatting.  I was glad to meet with an aged lady who has came to our previous activity again entered vigorously.

Also Andy and Lorna Gilbert, Longs and Ann joined to us.  So the fellowship warmed up.  We had a Janken (Japanese rock-paper-scissors game), singing worship songs and a payer at last.

Sisters asked their needs to each attendants, and we could offer Kotatsu (Japanse style table with heater covered by blanket), blankets and futons according to the requests.  People who hasengaged in support activities in Oshika peninsula (south-eastern part of Ishinomaki city, about one hour far from Iwaida) brought the left cloths for their purpose.  I was glad to see  every stuffs sent from entire country used effectively for devastated people!

[Machiko Yoshida, Sendai Evangelical Free Church member]

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